Solar Power Future is bright for the next American President

It doesn't really matter, who the next American President is going to be, if we are talking about the renewable energy.
He/she is going to be much, much smarter, considering use of country's economic resources and much wider use of free sources of renewable energy, as well.

Vast surface, of otherwise non populated sunny land in some states, is going to host state of the art solar power plants, where solar heat and light - radiation are going to be transformed into other useful forms of energy, such as electricity, hydrogen and many other forms of stored/packed chemical energy, which are coming to the market.

Government is not really supporting renewable energy sources, because of the influence of Oil lobby, which is so clearly seen by comparing all investments into renewable energy to the overall budget figure. Just a tinny fraction of national resources is spent for achieving Energy Independence of the Country, what is totally unacceptable politics, judging on the base of common sense and national security, and keeping an eye on national economy.

Luckily, private businesses are achieving more and more incredible results on the topic of increasing efficiency rate of solar photovoltaics and solar heat collection technologies. Beside increased efficiency rates, these new companies are also substantially lowering the price of solar power devices, which they are launching to the world market. (The price per 1Watt of produced power is getting lower and lower.)

Some of the most famous microelectronics experts from Sillicon Vally describe the new technologies of solar photovoltaics as the another silicon revolution, which is going to grow and grow and grow.
Microsofts and Googles of the future have been rising among these new companies. Their success almost entirely depends on their management, and only a few are really going to flourish.

The future is bright for all Solar Power Technologies, despite the power of Oil lobby.

Photo by woodleywonderworks Thanks!

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