Solar Power means Freedom of Mind, while Nuclear is a Life-threat

It is happening on a regular basis, that security officers, who are guarding the most important parts of nuclear power plants are caught sleeping, while on duty.
Turkey Point nuclear power plant located on Biscayne Bay, about 30 miles of Miami is just another case of sleeping, while on nuclear duty, which leaked to the media.
Such cases of amazing incompetence clearly show, how wrong is the attitude of the staff, dealing with Highly Radioactive Material, which is deadly dangerous for any form of life, even after 100.000 years. The last case is not precedence, because sleeping while on duty was happening many times in mentioned nuclear power plant.

Solar Power is free of charge and it doesn't represent a direct threat to human race and to all other forms of life on the planet Earth, such as nuclear power.
Why, than, we are still preffering deadly dangerous highly radioactive material and nuclear power plants to serve our ever growing energy needs? Why not to switch to endless solar power, which could serve our energy hunger for good?
The answer is probably hiding in Secret Political Deals between Leading Politicians and Power Lobbies of Oil, Coal and Nuclear Industry, which don't give a dime for the humanity and our environment and the future of our children.

We only know for cases of sleeping while on nuclear duty, which had leaked to the media, but I believe there are many, many more, which haven't leaked, because of no appropriate control or successful evasion of reporting to the authorities.

Solar Power is everywhere and truly endless and free of charge. Solar roofs can work for us.

Photo of Pickering nuclear power plant by ilkerender Thanks!

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