Who is behind the most Powerful Solar Cells?

One group of scientists and students at University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716-3130, USA, has set up a very clear goal in their minds, some time ago:
How to achieve 50pc of efficiency rate of solar power devices? How to make the solar cells to produce even more electricity at given light-radiation, which could be immediately applied in solar panels, solar roof shingles and many other modern gadgets.

The group is very well connected to the other research groups all over the world and is led by Allen Barnett, principal investigator, and Christiana Honsberg, co-principal investigator, both university professors.

We are talking about the highest technological science, here. Whoever wants to achieve any breakthrough and technological advancement in the field of photovoltaics, needs to properly address theoretical and practical solutions in this science field, as well.

The group, we are talking about, has been simply 'Brilliant' in addressing these both fundamental questions and they are heading towards the rate of 50pc !!!
Even, if you know very little about solar cells, panels, shingles and theory behind them, I can assure you, that this achievement means a kind of a 'Revolution'.

Much higher efficiency rates and considerable lower production prices of solar cells, roof panels, roofing shingles, etc. are going to additionally open vast worldwide energy market. There are so many advantages and positive effects of this amazing scientific breakthrough, that I am going to choose only one, now, and leave the other positive economic, environmental and political effects for later posts.

Number one: Decentralization of power - electricity production.

Effect of 'Decentralization of electricity production' is going to totally transform very important topics, such as
- our 'modern' oil based economy (extremely positive, power lobby breaker)
- energy planning
- national security
- individual safety and security
- use of renewable energy sources
- direct activities against global warming and climate changes
- use of much more knowledge, than our society is using now

The impact to the world society is going to be so profound, that I believe, not many politicians understand its value, at all. But, maybe, that's another good thing...):

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  1. The agreement from DARPA runs out next year. They are at almost 43% right now.

    But lets not kid ourselves. This is a Military grant with contributions from BP Solar and Corning. It will be years before the technology filters into commercial applications.

    To gum up the works more, Corning has filed a patent on one of the components with some applicable rights for the DOD. Method and apparatus for concentrating light


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