Solar Power is such an Immense Opportunity for Energy Hungry Mankind

If we could only comprehend the fact of what the Solar Power could really mean for the present and the future of humankind?!
If we could only comprehend the range of immense solar energy, which touches our planet Earth every single moment?! And how much renewable power could be generated by our empty solar roofs?

Why the humanity needs to be threatened by the disaster of global warming and climate change, before it finally realizes, that it is really about life and death, now?

Are our top politicians really only a bunch of 'power greedy low minded idiots', even though thousands of 'servants' (read government employees) need to care about their every day needs to feel privileged and honored to the ridiculous extent of red carpet, police cordons and state of the art media spin?

One only needs to know to calculate and to know basic numeracy, chemistry, physics, biology and history, which is taught at schools all over the world, to understand to where our energy (oil) hungry society is heading to.
Our top politicians are university educated individuals, who should have known enough about basic natural science and history. Why then, they are not acting accordingly with the real serious threats to the human race, which are global warming and climate changes?

Why than, many new coal power plants are opening every single week around our planet?
Why than, thousands and thousands of acres of forests are cut every single day?
Why than, tens and tens of $billions are spent every year for an archaic and quite ridiculous Olympic games, and just 'peanuts' for wide use of renewable energy sources, such as free and endless solar power, wind power, tidal power, geothermal, etc.?

Why Olympic games are ridiculous in the present form? China is one of the most polluted places of this 'wonderful blue' planet Earth, yet they are hosting Olympic games in their foggy smog, where it is really dangerous to breath outdoor, let alone to truly enjoy the beauty of nature and to fulfill one's lungs with fresh air by performing any sport.
That's a chemical pollution, but there is more. There is also a political pollution, which kills hundreds of innocent people there, because they have their own language, nationality, culture, but they are not allowed to express it, because of the communist party's terror.
China has thousands of $billions of cash reserves, yet nobody there is spending this vast sums for the environment and renewable energy sources, even though they are far the biggest 'pollution generating machine' on Earth.

When than, we could expect wider use of free and endless Solar Power? When are we going to finally realize, how our empty solar roofs could work for us to produce green renewable electricity and heat?
It is entirely up to top politicians, because we are simply to used to be guided by them and their power of personal reputation. I can only hope, they are going to bite that 'green solar powered apple', soon.

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