Panic and Shortage of Oil in Britain

Only one strike over the final salary pension scheme for new employees/members, organized by Unite union in Scotland's Grangemouth oil refinery, has been totally disrupted the nation's oil and gas production. We can really feel panic at every level of economy/society from the average car driver to the business executives and governmental officials.
Some patrol stations have already limited the amount of fuel one person could purchase, and they also set new, higher prices of petrol.

Well done, Prime Minister. He has bet and has encouraged total support and investments into oil/gas energy, despite very loud voices of opposition to diversify nation's energy production and distribution. Modern world is simply far too unstable to 'bet only on one horse', yet the Prime Minister and his government have done this very mistake. Energy is far to precious and too important commodity to take it for granted and not being able to listen, what other citizens have to say, considering renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly energy production technologies.

Why the country should not mostly or even entirely rely on its own energy sources, which should be spread all over the landscape to prevent such energy disruptions, shortages and other problems, considering smooth, uninterruptedly energy supply, even in the case of greater natural catastrophe, such as earthquake, flood, storm, (even a strike in the recent oil Union strike case),etc.

I believe, that is the first task of any Prime Minister and any government.
I sincerely hope, that the PM is going to learn a lesion about renewable energy, very soon, and to protect his country as he should have protected it, considering environmentally friendly energy sources and not rely on any foreign oil supply, which could be so easily disturbed or omitted.

...just a tip...
Millions of roofs all around Britain are waiting to be used for solar power harnessing in the form of heat collection or solar electricity generation. They won't replace the oil petrol in regular cars immediately, but they are going to start the entire process of switching to renewable energy sources. They are going to offset our personal carbon footprint, lower our personal energy bill, largely decentralize power production, help in creation of healthy, not polluted environment, and spread the knowledge and personal conscience of environmentally sustainable living.

Let's use our empty solar roofs to work for us and for the environment.

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