Nanosolar Video - Solar Power for 66pc cheaper

This video introduces one of the most active solar power companies in the world: Nanosolar from San Jose, California.
The main goal of the company is to introduce cost-efficient solar power to the world. It took almost five years of very hard work, but the results are truly amazing. As in the case of so many new high technologies, this success have been accelerated by 'military intervention' from DARPA and its endless budget for military purpose, which is going 'to dress in civil clothes' for wider public use in this case, as well.

I am pretty sure, the company is going to become a big global corporation, very soon and that the big scale of their production line is going to lower the prices of their products, even more. When we speak about massive production and lowering the prices of products, we should never forget to mention increases of efficiency rate of solar power devices by scientific research, which are additionally lowering the cost per 1W of produced solar electricity. That number, the cost per 1Watt of power is one of the most important factors in making decision for solar (renewable) or fossil (massive carbon emissions) energy sources (beside Power Lobbying in the places of Power, of course, such as Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing).

When 'critical mass' of citizens is going to realize the fact, that solar power is FREE, endless and environmentally friendly, nobody could stop the process of massive turn to the solar power.
Roof shingles, solar panels, solar curtains/carpets, paint which could harvest solar power, solar foil and many more innovative products are going to be seen everywhere.

Thanks to Blake Carper's Blog!

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