Solar Light Power Every Day no matter the Oil Lobby

Solar Light allows us to see, to live and to think. There is more than enough solar light reaching our planet every hour to power all our energy needs, if only we wanted to. Solar light should have inspired Presidents and Prime Ministers and their staff to think only a bit more than usually, tinny bit deeply and profoundly, more long term.

This morning BBC presented some news about amazingly high profits, which oil corporations like Shell and BP had been achieved in last 3 months. They earned more than $14 billion profit in last 3 months. This is truly wonderful news, for their godfathers, advisers, shareholders, managers and employees, and ever hungry 'black hole' in the form of government budget. Profit is the main purpose of any business activity, they say. Of course, it is. Without a profit at the end of the financial period, life of any company simply stops and there is a crisis.

Oil has become ultra fashionable and ultra profitable commodity in recent years, after the President George W. Bush had managed to launch another 'Vietnam like' war in Iraq, but this time not for the sake of 'Counter Communism', but OIL. Black, thick, smelly, but super pricey Oil is Making the World go Round, these days and these years, as well.
I know, that the President had been obtained more than proficient 'Oil Education and Drill' in his own ultra successful family business, but that was his private family affair, which had been totally unlawfully transferred to the whole nation. Does USA really needs another security agency to spy upon a President, not to abuse country's resources for its own selfish purpose? Another 'PFBI', which is also going to care, that nobody in the White House is going to delete official emails, any more, even though any citizen should have believed such a story/excuse, because it is pure lie.

President simply cannot conquer the Iraq on a long term basis, because there are going to be 'far too many casualties for a good taste' and the USA is going to bankrupt, because of such a silly policy. Nothing long term and meaningful is possible to achieve by brute force and no respect for local culture, religion, habits, language, etc. President and his team of 'old boys' knew that, very well, yet the bright prospect of record oil prices and profiteering from them was simply too tempting to resist.
The result is financially ruined USA, much lower reputation of American Democracy and Free Thinking, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, thousands on US side, as well.
The cost is much more than $3 trillion of tax payers money, and now the same tax payers are getting back peanuts in 'Tax-Donuts/cheques' to 'blind their sight'.

US are the vast land of vast resources. Land, commodities, air, water, but its people are those, who make it Great. Free thinking, which can flow freely all over the country.
And there is the Solar Light, the immense Solar Power, which could very fast and very successfully replace the Oil, if only the President and his team make a decision about it.

I wonder, what is the name of the American President, who is going to embrace free and endless solar power and truly make this country energy independent for good. Who is going to make American environment clean for the sake of His People and Their Children, as well?

Photo by Asadbabil Thanks!

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