Money Makes the World Goes Round (Solar Power doesn't smell nice, yet)

$150 billion or £75 billion....that's just the cost of clearing up old nuclear waste from old nuclear power plants in Britain, which hasn't been paid, yet?

How does the Prime Minister feel, when he spends $150 billion for 'old rubbish', and not a penny of that very sum for the Green and Healthy future of his own children and the children of his fellow citizens?
Does he sleep tight?
Does he feel the Real Value of £75 billion, spent just for Covering Up old Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste?

Is the Vast Spending for Nuclear option, which sum is growing higher every single Day, the final message of Labour Party?

I wonder, how one could make the Renewable and more Friendly energy sources, such as Solar Power, Wind power, Tidal power, the power of Sea Currents, Geothermal power, etc., much more 'Money Attractive'? Who could be the expert to turn the Solar Power into 'Big nad Bright Money Making Machine', to be more attractive for the World Top Leaders, who are deciding Our Future and the future of Our Children?

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