Solar Power could Save Your Life

Try to imagine a great Power Blackout and your house without power. It could happen almost anytime, even though, it looks quite impossible due to very good reliability track record of the national grid.
Technical faults, planning mistakes, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, great storms, fires, even a terrorist threats and believe me, there are more.

Could you imagine no lights in the dark night or no lights in your cellar, attic, or rooms, no TV, no music, no kettle to brew fresh coffee?
Could you imagine your cooking habits, washing your clothes or dishes without a power?
Could you imagine no fridge, no freezer and no air conditioning?
While one could survive without air condition device it is not so easy to live without a fridge and a freezer, because of a very high sensibility of our food and its short shelf life on room temperature.

In big cities, a bit longer lasting blackout could cause very many casualties. One of the most threatening is spreading dangerous, infectious diseases. And there are so many more negative side effects, if there is no constant power.

Solar Power allows us to become truly independent, considering electricity.
There is one condition: our solar power system needs to incorporate batteries for storing electricity. Even though, we are connected to national/local power grid, batteries are the only way, which guarantees true individual power independence of your home and consequently Power Freedom of your family.

Electricity/Power self sufficiency is an important fact, which deserves all our attention. We need to carefully plan it in advance, because Power Self Sufficiency could really save your life and also rescue many other people around you in the case of an emergency. We all know very well, how very stressful is the situation of any real emergency, when there is a question of life and death. No electric power in such occasion could worsen the whole situation, even more.
I've already experienced a real war situation, once, a few bad land slides with flooding and torrential rain, a few bad earthquakes, and I'd felt so very lost, many times in helping people. Add to all these threats the basic lack of electric power and the whole situation is much, much worse.

There are also some other issues connected to the case of any real emergency, such as water supply, food supply, medicines, communication devices, but here we are only talking about use of solar power in making our family totally power independent.

Make your roof to work for you, in a way, to truly make you 'electricity self sufficient'. Use solar roof shingles, solar panels or other photovoltaic surfaces, which could harness solar light and produce enough power for your needs.

The feeling of being power independent is truly a great one! Use your roof surface. It pays off and it could save Your Life, as well.

Photo by Kelly P. Thanks!
Photo by jhritz Thanks!

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