Germany Knows the Value of Solar Power and Renewable E

Blackmail me once, I am going to think.
Blackmail me twice, I am going to remember.
Blackmail me three times, I am going to learn.
Blackmail me more, I am going to act.

Economic blackmailing with strategically important commodities (energy sources, products, information, access to information, etc.) is happening every day on the
world arena. Countries are constantly bullying other countries; nations are bullying other nations; companies are bullying other companies; individuals are bullying other individuals.
Super powers, such as USA, Russia, China, UK, France, Japan, etc. are the most active in these activities, and their state departments, foreign offices, ministries of foreign affairs are experts for most forms of governmental and lobby bullying and blackmailing on the world scale.
That is quite normal for any form of life and also of intellect, and we cannot change that fact. It is simply to deep, written in our genetic material. Survival of the strongest in other words.

Energy sources are, what I am interested in. Power sources. 'Renewable like solar power, wind power, tidal, geothermal, etc.', you ask? No. Not, at all for a moment. They are simply not important, yet in the meaning of representing the real Power source worldwide.
Oil. Oil Power, which still determines everything on this planet in this very moment, is going to grab my attention for next few seconds.

OPEC has been constantly blackmailing and bullying countries for many decades and it is still very alive, today. Russia, under new 'post communist management' has become even more powerful oil/gas bully. Its wast natural resources, its nuclear arsenal, its diplomatic/intelligence expert capabilities, its vast 'business' network, which covers all planet, have been very successfully extracting hundreds of $billions in selling their commodities.

Has USA learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has UK learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has Japan learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO, but slowly.
Has Australia learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has China learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has India learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? NO.
Has Canada learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? Yes.
Has France learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? YES/NO. (only nuclear option)
Has Germany learnt a lesion about Oil/energy bullying? YES.

France has decided for nuclear option and new French President is slowly becoming the most renowned nuclear merchant for his nuclear industry. He had already managed to get a very big and quality client in his last state visit to Britain. Britain itself, which is going to be the best marketing - promotional reference of France's further nuclear sales, worldwide.

Germany is the country we all should analyze a bit more, because they know, where the world flows, financially, at least. 'Arbeit, Disziplin und Ordnung' are still the best recipe for good economic results.
Germany is a financial superpower. It paid enormously high amount for political and economic integration with former East Germany (DDR), because Germans knew, how much 20 million of new citizens meant to any well organized country. It paid off and is going to pay off every day, ever after.

Germany has decided to switch to renewable energy sources, no matter the cost. Enough Russian and OPEC bullying, enough old, dirty oil business tricks.
They know very well, how much is the cost of energy in every single product or service they create in any of their companies. They know exactly, what lies behind the war in Iraq - very personal interest of American President and his team of old boys to pocket as much as they could, because the world is switching to renewable energy sources and there is going to be less opportunity for oil style blackmailing in the near future.

German's car and transport industry is 100% ready to switch to renewable energy sources, as well. They have already spent hundreds of thousands (better to say millions) of hours in technical/scientific research to build new, environmentally friendly products. More than ten years ago I've got a chance to see some of the BMW new, clean technologies and I was simply shocked in admiration, because their models was working so smooth and well, and I was told that the time is simply not right, yet. Everything was so very pre-calculated and so very well planned. That was more than 10 years ago. Family Quandt, who controls the company hasn't been changed and their company is much stronger, than it was 10 years ago. And that is only one of many German companies.

Former Prime Minister Helmut Kohl was a top politician and he did a very great job to unite the Germany. He defeated Baroness Margaret Thatcher in her strong opposition to reunite the Germans in one country.
Prime Minister Angela Merkel is a quantum physicist - totally technical mind, still proficient in at least two foreign languages and also in socializing, and she is leading Germany to energy independence for the very first time in the German's modern history.
No matter the cost, Germany is going to be energy independent and they are going to sell their renewable technology all over the world. Germany is the Export Super Power and it is going to be even bigger exporter, because its government, led by a bit more technical mind, is at the same wave length as the environmental movement.

USA has far the best knowledge, technical, business, financial and all other resources to lead the race in renewable energy and simply to shine in solar power harvesting, no matter, if that is the heat collection or photovoltaics, wind farms, geothermal heat extraction, etc. It is just about the leadership. In modern era, the American President simply needs to possess enough technical knowledge to make crucial decisions for the present and the future of the great American nation, who elected him. He simply cannot and must not rely on his more or less 'corrupted' advisers, controlled by power lobbies. He is the leader.

Only 1% of the surface of Sahara desert could supply all energy needs for the world population. Such a project is possible only, if led by the American President. There are very many such projects possible, worldwide.

Photo by Kıvanç Thanks!

The future is bright for wide use of Endless and Free Solar Power!

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  1. You're right about Germany and renewable energy -- it's way out front. Is that where you're writing from? I can't find your profile on your blog?


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