Solar Roof helps your personal finances long term

We constantly seek for any new stream of additional income to help our personal finances. Every penny counts, really, when it comes to making money to cover our living expenses. Our modern life has its price expressed in dollars, pounds, euros, yens which is in constant rise, ever since the 'western civilization' has been established.

We can not even exist without electric energy, which powers our every day life on a 24 hour basis, without a stop. If there comes any case of loosing that power for just a few minutes, or even seconds, we are very, very disturbed, stressed, offended and we swear about our power provider, because our interaction with the outer world literally stops without electricity. My iPod needs to be charged as well as my mobile phone, and computer is dead, if not uninterruptedly power supplied.

Energy costs are constantly rising. Power bill, at the end of the month, is getting higher and higher.
I strongly oppose the explanation, that the cost of energy is rising, because of its scarcity. NO way!
The cost of energy is constantly rising only because of sheer incompetence of government officials in the positions of Power, however, looking from the position of financial perspective: by their planned activity of how to push energy prices as high as possible to fill their pockets. By the simple fact: 'Who cares about citizens, if the budget we spend is full.'
They simply LOVE the record prices:
- because they make record tax revenue by direct and indirect sell of oil, gas, coal, nuclear fuel, electricity
- personal gain by being shareholders or even owners or heirs of blue chip oil/energy/power corporations
- other oil lobby imaginative rewards

That really sucks!
Where are the citizens? What about their basic interests? Who is protecting them?
'Who cares about the citizens? NOBODY, really', is the only conclusion, if one judges the situation from the position of Energy Prices.

If one mighty army attacks another country and the energy prices quadrupled - rise 4x in a very short time, that was the real cause of the war/attack/occupation.
Read between lines and use the rule: 'Trace the money and names'.
(That old analytical method has been working perfectly well for many thousands of years and it is still irreplaceable in any serious investigation, today.)

Don't believe, what ever they say, because they don't tell the truth.
Don't tell me, that the mightiest armies on the planet can't influence the price of energy just by night.
Don't tell me, that just one straight word directed to world oil leaders can not achieve the instantaneous result, you wished and asked for, as the owner of nuclear missiles, and other weapons of mass destruction, supported by tens of thousands of highly skilled warriors. The problem is, if the national leaders belong to this powerful lobbies, such as oil lobby, which rules the world. We could say much more and tell exact names and their exact personal gains, here...but, that's the dirty politics, let's skip it.
Our topic is free and endless solar power, which doesn't belong to any political party or belief system.

Better not rely on our politicians. They really don't think about your personal interests and your personal budget. Everybody is going to be much better off, if apply solar photovoltaic or solar heat devices in its own house, as soon as possible.

Make yourself truly power independent. Make yourself truly much better off financially, as well.
Use the vast surface of your roof to work silently for you by producing green electricity and lower your monthly energy bill for good.
Do consider solar power shingles, solar panels, solar heat absorbers and maybe, also a heat pump, if you want to additionally boost your own energy generation.
Believe me, it is very worthwhile.

And to be totally power independent apply set of batteries for enough electricity storage.

Photo by mjmonty Thanks!

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