Solar Power, Photovoltaics, Solar Cells, Solar Power Efficiency Rate

Everyone can find some truly amazing theoretical and practical resources on Internet. Thousands and thousands of web pages about solar power and how to transform it into electricity or useful concentrated heat for further use.

I could say, I have spent hundreds, or better, thousands of hours reading, browsing web, writing, visiting exhibitions about practical use of solar energy at home or in the business, talking, chatting about advantages of free and endless environmentally friendly use of solar power, the theory and scientific experimental work behind the knowledge we have already managed to acquire, as society.

There are two individuals, who are really very special in 'my eyes', considering the topic of solar scientific research. They also represent the peak of the highest technology in this department, as well. Whenever I read about their passionate dedication to the topic of efficiency rate of solar power cells I feel so very excited. I especially respect them for their work with students. They are not hidden and locked somewhere deep in the scientific lab, not communicating with the rest of the world. On the contrary, they are proudly and openly sharing their knowledge and their expert opinion. These individuals are: Prof.Allen Barnett and Prof.Christiana Honsberg at the University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA.

I strongly advise you to read more about their work and also about technical/scientific view about Solar Power. They issued 'Beta of the 2nd Edition of the PVCDROM'
Photovoltaics CDROM
Christiana Honsberg and Stuart Bowden
It is truly an amazing learning material about the topic and it is absolutely free of charge.

Remember: Solar Power on Earth is truly endless and Free of Charge, as well.

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