Broad Use of Solar Power Largely Increases National Security

Continuous Energy supply is of utmost importance to National Security of any country in the world.

Modern countries have national power grid with centralized power production units, such as coal, gas, oil, nuclear power plants, which supply the grid with electricity.
There are many 'strategically weak links' of centralized power production, such as:
- threat of enemy subversive activity in the power plants
- threat of enemy subversive activity to the large transforming power units
- threat of enemy subversive activity to the power grid lines
- threat of technical failure in the power plants (nuclear, coal, gas, oil)
- threat of technical failure in the large power transforming units
- threat of technical failure in the grid lines
- threat of highly radioactive material in nuclear power plants
- threat of solid chemical pollution caused by coal, oil, nuclear power plants
- threat of global warming and climate changes caused by greenhouse gases
- threat of hot water dumped from power plants to the rivers, lakes, sea
- threat of extremely high energy prices (OIL barrel hit $114 !!!)

Introduction of numerous solar power units placed on the vast surface of building's roofs or free-standing solar panels directly DECENTRALIZES the Power Production.
Need for the large power units is replaced by many smaller power units, which first purpose is to provide electricity to its owners or other closest power consumers.
The second purpose is to send the excessive electricity to national power grid.

By decentralization of only a few large power production facilities to very many lower capacity power units, we could achieve exponentially lower Combined Energy Threat to the National Security.
Some large facilities could still remain on-hold and fully maintained for the case of energy emergency, yet not producing power and pollution, until needed.
Optimal solution would have been their technical adjustment to the use of hydrogen. Hydrogen is also an almost optimal form of storing chemical energy, which is also quite well researched and applied.

Such power grid could be of vital importance to physical survival of the nation in any catastrophic event, which could come at any time, really. I am not talking only about technical failures and enemy subversive threats, but natural disasters, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, storms, which are becoming more frequent, recently.

In other words:
By decentralization, we disperse the huge threat to national power grid, to many little power threats, which are not playing any really important role in the national scale.
We could also achieve almost total environmental sustainability on the national energy market and crucial cut in green gas emissions.

If only a fraction of 'war budget' should have been invested into solar power and other renewable energy sources, instead of bloody wars, which only have pushed the oil prices to the record level and caused very many casualties.

The hidden power of our sleeping roofs could power the nation.

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  1. The reason we have centralized power is so that those in charge of this country can have a monopoly, put a meter on it and force us (by law in many cases) to consume what they have to sell. It is never about security or efficiency; it is about MONEY.

    The only way we get clean power is to give Exxon a monopoly on all power generation.


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