Solar Shingles belong to every building

I could see Solar Shingles as a substantial part of any building, which has a roof.
I believe, that we simply need to achieve, that designers and architects would have seen Solar Roof Shingles as a very natural part of every modern or refurbished building. It is about functionality, too. How to make our roof to do some additional task of producing renewable energy, for example.

There are other important elements, considering energy generation, energy consumption and energy saving, such as insulation of the house and windows, heating/cooling system, lights, modern appliances, water/heat regeneration, waste management, which are substantial part of any modern Eco sustainable design/building, but here, I am particularly interested in promoting Harvesting of Solar Power by solar cells (PV).

I think, that direct power generation in PV (photovoltaic: solar cells/panels/solar shingles) is very comfortable source of energy, especially because it doesn't have any moving parts and as such, much less subject to any technical problems and obstacles. Electricity is also the most useful source of energy for most appliances in any building, too.

Efficiency rate of modern solar cells in panels and shingles is from 10% to up to 25%. This efficiency rates are achievable only in optimal conditions (current solar power, angle, etc).

Efficiency rate of regular solar cells could grow up to 50%, which means 500% (from 10% to 50%) in a very short time. A few years is considered as a very short time in any technical scientific research.
There are many successful scientific research teams, considering solar power topic out there, but today, I would like to emphasize one, who is truly achieving amazing results in increasing efficiency rate of solar cells.
Prof.Allen Barnett and Prof.Christiana Honsberg deserve our all attention and admiration.
Their work is going to boost Solar Power Harvesting to the totally new level.
It is not just about boosting efficiency rate, but also about lowering the overall costs of final Solar Power Products on the market.

Government does not invest much in renewable energy sources, considering its importance for our future, especially now, when the serious problems about global warming and climate changes are already present, everywhere.

$150 billion is the cost of clearing up old nuclear waste-rubbish from old nuclear power plants in UK! That means $150 billion is going to be buried deep underneath...!
Before repaying this bill, the government is planning many new nuclear power plants.
What an incompetence??? or rather a criminal activity, considering taxpayers money and highly radioactive nuclear waste, which is deadly dangerous for at least next 100.000 years???

Has the Government ever considered to invest $150 billion in Renewable Energy Sources and in Scientific Research, which had already proved its successful track record?

It cost $13 million for the team from Delaware to achieve the World Record in efficiency rate of solar cells, close to the 43%!!!
Could you imagine, what could be done with $150 billion = $150.000 million?

Photo by dbking Thanks!

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