Promoting Plug-In Electric Cars

She is not even old enough to drive yet, but Liza Stoner from Minneapolis, MN is riding her bike to Washington, D.C. from her hometown to raise awareness about plug-in electric vehicles and electric hybrids (PEHVs). The 14-year old girl aspires to be an environmentalist when she grows up, and it appears that she is well on her way. Currently, Liza has completed more than half of the 1,585 mile "Ride for Renewal", riding 40-70 miles per day. She plans on delivering a petition to Congress on or about July 18, 2008 when she arrives at the Capitol. You can sign the petition here, which seeks governmental tax credits and other incentives for companies that produce electric cars. Talk about a breath of fresh air! I've already signed the petition - now its your turn.


  1. She is arriving in Washington D.C. in just a few days! I hope many people sign the online petition to support the plug-in electric car cause.

  2. The battery technology will make or break these electric cars. I support them, if they are proven to be practical.


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