Solar Powered Gate Opener

Looking to save on your energy bill? Who isn't? More and more these days, solar panels are being installed to use energy from the sun and convert it to electrical current. Living in a very "Green" city, Bend, Oregon, I have noticed a number of creative ways that homeowners and businesses are using new PV technology to power everything from traffic signals, school reader boards and gates. One property owner along a busy thoroughfare has gated his driveway to prevent trespassers who like to cut through a gravel shortcut to a nearby trail system. The gate is powered by a solar panel, which probably cost between $150 and $250 (including shipping). That's it! Companies such as Hoover Fence Company offer the solar panels for sale on their websites. Energy from the sun will power as many as 15 gate openings per day. You can even preview installation manuals on-line to determine how easy it is to get a solar powered gate up and running on your property.

Of course, not all gates are as rustic as some of these models. For luxury properties, you may wish to consider a $1500-$2000 gorgeous wrought iron solar energy operated gate. Amazing Gates is one company that manufacturers these beauties. Not only can you purchase solar powered gates directly online, but you may also view installation videos.
You'll be able enjoy significant savings on your power bill, and the next time there is a storm or power-outage in your area, you need not worry about getting through your solar-powered gate.

Still "on the fence" about whether to get a solar-powered gate opener? Let me tell you: the grass is definitely greener on this side.

AmazingGates Installation Video part 1

Video Part 2

Video Part 3

Photos by Stephanie Hicks (Bend, Oregon, USA 7/7/08)

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