Solar Power Can be Entertaining

Is your head starting to spin with all you've been hearing about solar power and alternative energy sources? Maybe you've been to the Santa Monica pier in California! A world-famous ferris wheel is powered by solar panels, and illuminated with LED lights, making it one of the premier attractions at the park.

The amusement park ride was first constructed in 1996 and was the first and only solar powered ferris wheel in the world. A new ferris wheel opened just in time for Memorial Day weekend in May 2008, at the cost of $1.5 million. The incorporation of 160,000 LED lights on the ride cuts energy consumption and costs for the park as a whole, while installed solar panels generate over 71,000 Kw hours of PV power. Use of solar power allows the 90-foot ride, and its 800 passengers per hour, to operate wholly on clean, renewable energy. Now that is something we can all smile about, while we go around and around on the benefits of solar energy.

Photo by Daquella manera Thank you!

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